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Your Organization Should Reach Its Full Potential, Just as God Intended.

As a Christian non-profit, your ultimate goal is to make an eternal impact above all else. You envision growth, organization, and operational efficiency to fulfill God’s calling on your organization in the most exceptional way possible.
However, the reality in your office feels far from organized. The pressing needs around you are immense, and like many non-profits, you find yourselves under-resourced and overworked, leaving you and your team overwhelmed and trapped.

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Igniting Growth and Efficiency so you can reach more people

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The Heart of Hunter Consulting

Partnering with Your Purpose

With over three decades of experience in church and non-profits, Brian Hunter and his dedicated team have identified the critical roadblocks that hinder organizations from growing and thriving.

Our focus lies in crucial areas such as messaging and branding, team communication, organizational structure, increasing resources, and legacy planning.

Drawing from our wealth of experience, we’ve meticulously developed transparent, step-by-step processes tailored to revitalize your Christian non-profit and propel it toward long-term success and growth.

What our Clients say

Working with Hunter Consulting Group has been such a pleasure. The team took the time to gain a thorough working knowledge of our program, then established branding that would speak to clients we seek to serve. They included a compelling website, brochures, logos and marketing materials that clearly communicates No Shame Ministries' program. Thanks to Hunter Consulting Group, we are ready to take things to the next level.

Larry Derksen, Jr.

No Shame Ministries

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